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Ball Joint Replacement

The suspension system allows your tires to maintain constant contact with the road, especially on uneven surfaces like bumps and potholes. An essential part of your vehicle's suspension system, ball joints connect the steering knuckles to the control arms. Ball joints act as the pivot point between the wheels and the rest of the suspension system. Comprised of a flexible ball and socket, ball joints enable the suspension to move while allowing the wheels to steer. Vehicles with shocks have upper and lower ball joints, while many vehicles with struts have only lower ball joints. Upper and lower ball joints are designed to fit snugly inside a lubricated casing. If the casing loses lubrication, dries out, or the linkage becomes loose, wheel alignment may be affected. When ball joint issues occur, waiting to have them addressed could lead to a suspension system collapse or the loss of a wheel. A bad ball joint is extremely dangerous and can cause serious accidents.

Symptoms your car may need ball joint replacement service:

  • Strange noises when driving over rough road surfaces
  • Difficulty in steering
  • Unusual tire wear

Our expert technicians will:

  • Remove the wheels and control arms
  • Remove and replace ball joints
  • Check the entire suspension system for problems

In some cases, ball joints may require replacements. If you suspect that your vehicle may need ball joint replacement, you can trust the experts at Sargent's Wholesale Tires. Contact us today by calling 606-325-2569 to set up an appointment or fill out our Request A Quote Form.