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The wheel hub and bearing assembly makes it possible for you to have a smooth and hassle-free driving experience. It's found at the center of the wheels and plays a big role to the movement of them. The most essential use of the assembly is to contain the wheel bearings, which allow the wheels to turn quietly and steadily. If you feel your wheels and/or steering wheel shake, this could be a sure sign that your car needs a hub and bearing assembly replacement. That’s because your wheel bearings enable your wheels to freely spin while remaining securely on your car. If something is wrong with your wheel bearings, you’ll notice it. And if you notice it, you need service immediately.

Here are some other signs that your hub and bearing assembly may need replacement:

  • Grinding, squealing, or abnormal noise from tires when you drive
  • Steering wheel shakes while you’re driving
  • Wheel does not easily move forward

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or your care is due for a hub and bearing assembly replacement, schedule an appointment with Sargent's Wholesale Tires now. Contact us today by calling 606-325-2569 to set up an appointment or fill out our Request A Quote Form.