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What does the tie rod do?

Regardless of the type of steering system in your vehicle, you use inner and outer tie rods. Tie rods are and important aspect of your steering system. It connects or “ties” the steering gear or rack and pinion gear to the wheel using a length of rod with a ball socket on one end. Tie rods assist the rank and pinion system by pushing or pulling on the front wheels of the car to help ease the effort it takes to turn. The length of thread that attaches the inner and outer tie rods is adjustable and is used to set a car’s front wheel alignment.

What are the symptoms of a faulty tie rod?

The tie rods make steering and turning possible by moving your wheels in the desired direction. If we find ourselves constantly adjusting the steering wheel even when going forward, this is a sign of worn tie rods. Also, as the tie rods become less able to control the tires, they will begin to wobble, causing your steering wheel to shake. Because inner and outer tie rods play such a significant role, replacing tie rods as necessary is important for overall vehicle maintenance.

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